championship rules

  1. It's only allowed to use 1 fishing-rod per person. A spare rod in the boat is allowed.

  2. The halibut must be properly hooked (through the mouth)

  3. All halibuts must be released back into the sea for the catch to be approved.

  4. Fishing with live bait is prohibited, and doing so will cause disqualification. Use lures/pilk with max. 4 hooks. (4 hook tips).

  5. Only 1 person is allowed to wheel in the catch. The rod cannot be turned over to someone else.

  6. The halibut must be photographed next to the contest's official ruler. Starting number must be visible in image. (measure from mouth to tail). The length of the halibut must be clear in the photo to be approved. Remember that it is the person catching the fish that’s responsible for convincing the competitions judges that the length is correct.

  7. All halibut over 150cm must be measured outside the boat, if the halibut has not been properly hooked and there's risk of injury. Documentation on hook placement required for approval.

  8. If the halibut is fatally injured it should not be released back into the water. If this is unclear, contact the festival management for advice. This must be documented by image, and there is max 1 injured halibut per team that will be counted as a catch.

  9. The minimum approved halibut size is 82cm.

  10. Immediately after catch-and-release picture and info on who caught it must be sent to the festival management via MMS.

  11. The deadline for reporting a catch must be done by the end of the day. Starting chip and camera must be handed in no later than one hour after the day ends (time set in program).

  12. Any complaints have to be given within one hour after the results are published. The festival managements decisions on complaints are final.

  13. No guides or employees at the local fishing-camps are allowed to partake in the contest.

  14. All teams should have at least 2 cell-phones on board at all times, so that the management can report on weather changes and other important information.

  15. If the weather is to bad to go out on one of the competition days this will be removed from the competition. If both days are cancelled it will be a draw of the prizes between all competitors. Changes in the program will be given at the captains meeting on Friday / Saturday.

     We wish all the participants good luck, and we hope to see you at
the World Championship in Halibut Fishing 2021!