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Terms of sale


Sale means the payment of an entry fee to World Championship Halibut Fishing via our website



The agreement between the buyer and the seller consists of the information the seller provides about the purchase in the ordering solution in the online store (including, among other things, information about binding registration and refunds in the event of a cancelled event), any direct correspondence between the parties (e.g. e-mail) and these terms of sale.

In case of conflict between the information the seller has provided about the purchase in the ordering solution in the online store, direct correspondence between the parties and the terms of the sales conditions, direct correspondence between the parties and the information provided in the ordering solution takes precedence over the sales conditions, as long as it does not conflict with binding legislation.




Name of firm: Havøysund Havfiskeforening
Contact adress: Søndregate 23, 9690 Havøysund
Telephone: 468 61 377
Organisation number: 814721442

Buyer is the person conducting the purchase.


The prices, which are stated in the website's ordering solution, state the total costs the buyer has to pay.


The agreement is binding on both parties when the buyer's order is received by the seller.


You will receive a ticket by email immediately after the purchase has been made. It is recommended that the buyer check that the details on the ticket match the order with regard to the number of team members, etc. If there is no match between the order and the order confirmation, the buyer should contact the seller as soon as possible.


The payment solutions in our ordering solution are either PayPal or Vipps. If the buyer wants another payment solution such as invoice, the seller must be contacted to enter into such an agreement.

When paying by credit card, the Act relating to credit purchases etc. will apply.


Delivery of the ticket for paid initial fee from the seller to the buyer is made by email to the email address provided by the buyer in the order form.  If the buyer does not receive such an email from the seller, the buyer must contact the seller and inform them of this, and the ticket can then be sent by letter or handed out at the captain's meeting on Thursday evening.


It is important to ensure that the correct number of team members has been selected before purchasing the entry fee. The organizer will not refund the entry fee already purchased.


The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event. In the event of a cancelled event, the entry fee will be refunded and no later than 60 days after the event date.


If necessary, contact Forbrukertilsynet (Norway) on tlf. +47 23  400  600 or at If you live in another European country you can contact  the Europa Comission's complaint portal at

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